Foraged clay ceramics 
27x16x16cm - 8x6x1.8cm

Cecily Loveys Jervoise makes foraged clay ceramic sculptures coloured with smoke from organic matter and food waste. These pieces have grown from the ground like a garden in spring. Untidy and in motion, pregnant vessels and germinating plant forms echo the highly handmade process, with mud unhurriedly turned into clay then hand-crafted to form families of objects. Rethinking relationships with materials by focusing on stories and cycles, the process looks to the land for collaboration and thanks, embracing unpredictable twists and turns and connecting to nature.

Nodding to a domestic, feminine space the pots celebrate gatherer women who used the foremost tool, the vessel, to bring energy home. The vessel holds together; a container, a home, a belly. Like plants and mud, the vessel gently sustains life.

Installation back at the pond the materials came from.