Artist Statement 

Earth, gathering and craft; Cecily’s work brings these themes together in the form of foraged clay ceramic sculptures, often lumpy, pregnant vessels and germinating plants forms. Using clay dug from the ground and smokes from food waste and plant matter as colourants, the pieces have grown from the ground. Like a garden in spring they are unfinished, untidy and in motion, a constant collaboration with nature. The work brings focus to a domestic, feminine space, creating a conversation between women today and gatherer society, where women would gather into the first tool, the vessel, bringing energy home. Materiality and the handmade are highly present, reflecting on consumerist conventions, the act of making and material cycles and stories. The slow repetition and rhythm of clay filtering and hand crafting is messy yet mindful, the process and pieces reflecting the land the works are made of, with and for.

A process of gathering pays tribute throughout;  foraged clay becomes pots, and the pots prompt foraging for flowers to fill them.